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0113 Case placing the child Sxxxx Bxxxxx

65 days without new and the blockade is held firmly around the child.
Philippe BEYER, Anne-Claire BEYER Artaud, Jean-Pierre BEYER, Jacqueline Beyer, Andre Artaud, Artaud Brigitte Laurent AUDRY Association (HOPE Coulsdon), Andrew Morin ( Association Espoir Paris), Bruno PLANCHEAUD (association Coulommier HOPE).

The "hodge-podge" of the judge Aude Morel:

1) Order of 08 November 2010.
Council decision by not contradictory
SAY that Mr. Jean-Pierre BEYER will receive access publicized monthly
SAY that the duration and modalities Exercise to be agreed with the service and guardian in case of difficulty we shall be referred,
REJECT the request for access and accommodation made by Ms. Karine DELVAL,
REJECT the request of Mrs. Patricia MASSON
REJECT the request of Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Pierre
....) In witness whereof, this order was signed by the Juvenile Court Judge

November 08, 2010 the Juvenile Court Judge: Aude Morel


We Aude Morel Juvenile Court Judge at the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Meaux
NOTING articles 375 and following of the Civil Code
NOTING articles 514 and following of the Code of Civil Procedure
VU procedure followed in respect of Bxxxx Sxxxx born December 1, 1998 in PARIS 19TH DISTRICT (75)
- Philippe BEYER residing at 10 rue du Pont 77,730 Saâcy
SUR MARNE - Delvaux Karine remaining 127 Avenue Pierre Brossolette 10000 TROYES
- BEYER Jean-pierre
VU ordinance of November 8, 2010 granting a right Visit publicized monthly benefit of Jean-Pierre BEYER,
WHEREAS by letter dated November 15, 2010, Mr. Philippe BEYER father of the minor, through his counsel Mr. Trinquet, requesting the correction of a clerical error the above-mentioned decision.

say Mr. Philippe BEYER receive monthly visitation rights.
Done in Chambers at Meaux January 21, 2011
J. Children: Aude Morel


The Juvenile Court Judge Aude Morel will maybe do us the honor of a second order amendment.
According to this "brave judge" the child would Sxxxx Bxxxx mother, Karine DELVAL and two fathers Philippe Beyer and Jean-Pierre BEYER. And the judge
Aude Morel still claims:

"(....) Philippe BEYER, father of the minor, through his counsel STAYSAIL (...) Master" (the sperm bank?).

Some gossips might say that the juvenile court judge Aude Morel "smokes" the carpet.

It is interesting to note that the judge-called Children, Aude Morel, can not help but associate the name of the young victim of sexual abuse, Sxxxx Bxxxx, that his grandfather Jean-Pierre BEYER, rather than that of his father Philip BEYER;

Would it be any confession of subordination to a senior member of a particular organization??

A kind of cult organization in terms of mental manipulation of human beings,

or a combination of false brethren, who, through solidarity blind, is determined to pervert a great humanist association.


Philippe and Anne-Claire BEYER BEYER ARTAUD but also grandparents Jacqueline and Jean-Pierre BEYER BEYER decided to sever all contact between mother and telephone his son.


CPE College of Meaux, said that Sxxxx, particularly calm before a child becomes violent to the point of having these days two warnings and a blame for indiscipline.
The juvenile court judge, Aude Morel, she would have hidden the truth, claiming at the hearing on December 10, 2012, that Sxxxx was getting better and better?
Unless the discretion of the juvenile judge, Aude Morel, is fogged, disturbed.
For what?? Who ???????


xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
10000 TROYES

OPEN LETTER ; Troyes, January 17, 2011
registered letter


Association Attn. Mr Lawrence AUDRY
8 rue de la jam factory


Mr Bruno PLANCHAUD, your manager, I set an appointment on January 14 2011 at Provins your antenna.
During the interview, it taught me that your team could not intervene on the break held since December 25, 2010 by:
- Philippe BEYER, and his wife Anne-Claire BEYER-ARTAUD,
- Mr Jean-Pierre and Jacqueline BEYER BEYER, concerning communications between my son Sxxxx BEYER-Delvaux and myself, her mother.
Your association is responsible for AEMO until September 2011; you kindly tell me in writing why you are unable to comply with Article 3-2 of the Civil Code 37 .
Madam Justice Aude Morel you were instructed to "work family relations" with my child.

Following the telephone conversation on December 21, 2010, with Madame Mélanie Josse, educator of my child since 2009, it said she undertook to meet my son soon.
Curiously, I learned from Mr. Bruno PLANCHAUD Monday, January 10, 2011 and at the appointment of 14.01.2011, the team decided to change educator, in his words: "give new blood. " This replacement
educator for my child, would there be a link with the fact that Ms. Melanie JOSSE has collected about sexual abuse to my son, by his father, and it dated July 16, 2010? About
that have been reported, since my apartment.
During this conversation, one can hear you clearly explain to the teacher, it is imperative make a report to Judge William MAGGI form of fax, upon arrival at the nearest office of the association, namely, that of Provins. Ms.
JOSSE, whereas the situation was sufficiently alarming, had decided to return 10 days later, ie July 28 to see my son.
There, Madame Josse worried about whether Mr. Justice William MAGGI gave a sequel to his report.
in doubt, she has redone a note to the same judge.
Today, it seems that you have removed Ms. Josse.
Therefore, you declare yourself incompetent to keep such records, and required to subcontract to another organization that you think might be only able to execute the decisions of Madame Justice of children.
Indeed, Bruno PLANCHAUD informed me that you were unable to send even a postcard for my son. Postcard that I had attached to my mail with AR recommends dated January 2, 2011.
PLANCHAUD Bruno told me that this card could possibly be passed on to my son, for your sub-contractor, so publicized.
For my part, I explain badly your decision to outsource the monitoring of my son, knowing that you are the only designated.
If you recognize your incompetence to execute the decision of Madam Justice child, you would communicate them to the judicial authority, so she makes another decision in favor of another association.
Indeed, you have no power of delegation to enforce a decision of the juvenile judge.
also substantial subsidies paid out of public money, you are paid for services you're supposed to run.
In private, this kind of situation occurs regularly in major prime contractors.
They will reward well before to do the job by a company without large financial claim, and therefore for a particularly modest earnings.
Could this be the case with your association, which has reserved the mere control of absenteeism my child to college?
In this regard Mr. Lionetti, College Park FROT PBS, tells me weekly absences from my son, justified the call recognized Mr. Bruno PLANCHAUD or recurrent disease.
In addition, your interest in my private life and the quality of one of my supporters, would it be an obstacle to your plans, before such insistence?
You must have known that this witness, an official authority, has a dual obligation to report a person in danger.
This was done solely in the context of its functions. And that's the only information that could help you.
I come back to the fact that it is 23 days today that I am without news of my son, so without any phone contact.
I should explain it to you to enforce the exercise of my parental authority, under article 371-1 of the Civil Code, which is not subject to derogation.
I ask you to explain in writing by return.
Any response by phone will be excluded. Please
Accept, Sir, Yours.


- Headquarters - HOPE Directorate, Attention: Mr. Andre Morin,
- DGA-Solidarity, Office for Children, Attention: Mr. Mathieu Savariau, Inspector

65 days without new and the blockade is held firmly around the child.

The latest information we have been able to obtain about the child, are alarming !!!!!!!
Indeed, its absence from school is particularly organized by Father Philippe BEYER BEYER and grandparents;.
No less than 14 days and half days of absence for the first quarter of the year as it benefits from 3 half days per week without progress.
The results of her work in foster care are more than poor. We
beginning of an explanation for evil to live Sxxxx.
sectarian environments are particularly unfavorable in terms of public education, which they said would harm the child.
sects prefer to give their own teaching,''educate''the children to introduce them very early in the pedophile. Hence
organized absenteeism and school performance particularly void.
Nathalie ATTALI department head in the home of childhood, street Orgemont in MEAUX, fully informed of the situation, endorse. Why? Would it not adept sectarian? If this were the case, Sxxxx, would it not in serious danger within the home itself?

Sur > The surfer Buddies pre > Philippe BEYER "Philip Beyer said:" I have two passions: my parents and my dog !!!!!
When you have a wife and two children, as is the case with Philippe BEYER, one would think that his passions would be just his wife and children !!!!!

So since Christmas Day, the mother of Sxxxx has no news of her son.
's father, Philip BEYER, alleged rapist, would it not now "enjoy" one more time in son ?????????

S come to accept it at Brigitte Artaud Artaud and Andre in their hotel:
Sxxxx The child had already reported sexual assaults in a studio in the hotel, and this from 2007 (reference the police report)

Armaillis The Hotel Notre-Dame-de-bellecombe

to 73590 - Our Lady of bellecombe

or would it be in one of the apartments for sale Brigitte Artaud: the shepherd in SAVOY??


_____A GENC E_____ John Claude___Ponson -
Aujourd ' Today, Philippe BEYER ( Saâcy - on - Marne) is still at large, at his home with two minor children. His wife Anne-Claire BEYER-Artaud decided to cut all links between Sxxxx and his mother. This by prohibiting Sxxxx answer the phone when his mother calls. Juvenile Court Judge TGI Meaux Record of hearing 10 / 12 / 2010 Case placing the child Sxxxx Bxxxx On December 10, 2010, ...

18/12/2010 details

After a private investigation ,
it appears, at first, that many questions must be answered.
- Why Judge Aude Morel does not explain its decision regarding
its refusal to award custody to the mother, since, in fact,
anything otherwise??

- Why is the judge and substitute Aude Morel Celine BUCAU,
representing the Crown have tirelessly repeated "nothing has
past," dismissing, without seeming to, hearings and testimony,
showing that something had really happened, namely
sexual assaults against young Sxxxx, which meant every time his
father? ?

- N 'would there be no agreement between the grandparents Jean-Pierre BEYER,
Jacqueline BEYER, ( SUR MARNE 02310 CHARLY )
and justice services, so that they be granted, in fact,
the actual care of Sxxxx, through a dutiful son, however, alleged
guilty of crimes of pedophilia??

- Is there not a shadow of influence peddling under the Solidarity
; false siblings masons, the intervention of a cult??

0019 Freemasons in the administration

( " http://www.dailymotion. com / swf / video / xazyxq? additionalInfos = 0)

- Philippe BEYER ( Saâcy - on - Marne )
: "You tell your friend that a complaint has been filed against
him (Jean-Claude agency Ponson! !). Would it not be attempted
threats for the sole purpose of discouraging large-scale publications
and thus hope to stifle the truth??

- Christian GIRARD , the prosecutor of Meaux, a former prosecutor Draguignan
(see case AMIDLISA, Kidnapping and rape Échirolles ) would it
not influence any responsibility in this matter??


Philippe BEYER is still at large, at his home with two minor children.

Anne-Claire Beyer Artaud, the new wife of Philip Beyer ( Saâcy - on - Marne ) decided to cut all contact between Sxxxx and his mom.
cathégorique Refusal of any telephone conversation.
Could this be a receiver??

Juvenile Court Judge TGI Meaux
10 / 12 / 2010

Case placing the child Sxxxx Bxxxx ;

The December 10, 2010, Ms. Karine Delvaux is outside the office of Judge Aude Morel.

She found a lawyer who has been Elect: Master Franck Mouly.
latter tries repeatedly to persuade her to be careful since the "nolle prosequi."

(Of two things, or Master Franck MOULY did read that part of the record, or he missed his client, he does not particularly clear statement of the hearings of the Child on sexual abuse of his father against him.)

When Sxxxx happens, it seems prostrate, head down and not watching his mother after four months of separation.
He ended up going to say hello.

Nathalie ATTALI department head of the household of the Childhood MEAUX intervenes: "Sxxxx, you'll say hello to your father."
Nathalie Attali goes to Philippe BEYER accompanied by his lawyer Mr Marielle staysail (SOS DADS). The exchange of courtesies
suggest that Ms. Nathalie Attali, head of department at the home of Orgemont MEAUX, is a great friend of Philip Beyer and his lawyer ...
The service head is accompanied by the teacher service of Sxxxx, Kathia that blows for months what to Sxxxx say and not say on the phone to her mother.

(Just before the hearing, the association HOPE Coulommiers following Sxxxx in AEMO since December 2009 has faxed his memorandum "opinion" regarding the placement of Sxxxx.
This association is the origin of two reports to the juvenile judge, William M. MAGGI in July 2010.
In this note, it is question of desires and concerns of Sxxxx.
"Sxxxx expresses that he does not live at home but with her parents, and when her teacher asked Ms. JOSSE: ie? He replied: "I live with my mother forever." HOPE

Association insists that Sxxxx has a strong desire to return to her mother. But he also wants to see his father, stepmother and brother Rxxxx place in the media.
He added that he feared to see her father.
The note prepared by the educator Sxxxx Ms. Josse, unlike in the Foyer of the ESA,
merely states the wishes of Sxxxx without making judgments about one or the other parent.

Curiously, Judge Aude Morel was not invited to this association HOPE hearing December 10, 2010. It is
very interesting that the juvenile judge dismisses parts radically, even players who demonstrate an obstacle to the return of his father Sxxxx!)

J. Aude Morel will, first, discuss privately with his lawyer and Sxxxx.

Following this, Ms. Carpentier ESA, Nathalie ATTALI the home will enter the office, followed by parents and their counsel. The substitute
, Celine BUCAU, representing the prosecution is already there!
The child is gone.

In the preamble, , J. Aude Morel said before the meeting that, under the responsibility of Ms Karine DELVAL
- Sxxxx suffers.
- Sxxxx will eventually be "falling apart" (???).

(Judge Aude Morel shortsighted and has the same speech that Mr. Mouly, the appointed lawyer of the mother .........
!!!!! There are, indeed, reversal of roles, namely that the parent would be protective, without any explanation (and for good reason !!!), the aggressor, the oppressor!!
The child complains for eight long years, to the gendarmes, police and the various judges, but also educators, sexual assault of his father, who has twice sought the placement.
Sxxxx, therefore, may indeed be very upset ......... It would be less !!!!!)

Sxxxx's mother answered the judge she was just doing his duty as a mother, she has tried everything to protect her child, and she challenged people need whenever this was possible. Miss Karine
DELVAL remember that different responders, doctors, teachers, educators, were also on their side, reports alarming.

On back of his hand, Judge Aude Morel dismisses all documents, psychiatric, statements, reports, trial, stating the original trauma suffered by sexual Sxxxx. By
cons Justice has effused on the fact that Mom is Sxxxx fusion with his son, and it's hold on him.

(it should be noted that this type of insinuation comes up regularly in the records supported by SOS PAPAS)

Karine DELVAL responds only to have the grip on his son, he should first of all she sees. This is not the case because the judge Cristofer VALENTE has removed all its rights, and given the alleged rapist and has been for four months.

J. Aude Morel adds that Sxxxx said "things" to his mom: confidences about sexual assault. But these statements would, in fact, to please his mother and respond to what she wants to hear !!!!!!!!!

Karine DELVAL replied that the two expert ordered against him, show that his behavior in general, but especially towards his son is perfectly normal.

Following this, the judge Aude Morel asks the mother if she Sxxxx understood that justice was telling him: " justice tells you that nothing happened, Ms. .

Karine DELVAL responds that justice strives to spread its complaints made to the National Police and the many reports, and does not record the custody of Mr. Philippe BEYER and CPI (First examination) before the investigating judge of Chambery. All these actions come to similar conclusions: there is sexual abuse by the father.
Who protects the abuser since he is never prosecuted, and worse, gets custody of the victim?

J. Aude Morel and does not specify that Sxxxx is clear in what he says he no longer wants to stay put, he wants to live with his father and his mother held in the media.

(association HOPE Coulommiers following Sxxxx in AEMO since December 2009, filed before the hearing and a faxed note stating the opposite !!!!)

DELVAL Karine replied that it was very surprising. Indeed, this is exactly the request of Mr. Philippe BEYER, the father alleged rapist, and the Ministry of Public MEAUX!
Is it a coincidence !!!!!!!

(Sxxxx would claim to suffer the alleged rapist !!!!!!!!!!!!)

Philippe BEYER speaks, and says he want the property Sxxxx-being, he has no hatred towards Screw Miss Karine DELVAL, but he wants custody of his mother Sxxxx which will take place in the media.

Counsel, the alleged rapist, Master Marielle STAYSAIL takes requests from his client and added that Karine Delvaux problems "pathological."

(knowing that it is produced in the procedure, two experts who argue that Karine DELVAL no problem. Counsel therefore self proclaimed "expert psychologist in chief" .. .... for the sake of argument !!!!)

Then comes round Nathalie Attali, head of department at the Foyer of the Childhood MEAUX.
She insists that explain Sxxxx reunion with his father were very warm,
- "they threw themselves into the arms of one another ;.
- "Philippe BEYER, phone calls more often Sxxxx his mom,
-" Philippe BEYER is more demonstrative Sxxxx's mum. "
Nathalie Sxxxx Attali states that had no encopresis, although the mother was informed that Sxxxx made encopresis at home during the run (??????)
Moreover, Ms. Nathalie Attali says that fifteen days before the hearing, Sxxxx wanted to go to the police to say that nothing happened with her father, and that was his mother that he had asked him to say that .

(Sxxxx would therefore become amnesiac to forget: the hearings conducted in various police stations, and his statements to teachers, educators and doctors, who themselves are not happy with the child's statements, to establish the injury history, etc.)

Philppe BEYER has already made a first visit to the home of childhood.
Nathalie Attali said that she encouraged the visit, but also the psychologist of the center, despite the hearings that revealed the rape of Sxxx by his father and clearly unfavorable opinion of ESA.

(Soxxxx regularly expressed his fears that his father).

Karine DELVAL states that Sxxxx confided to her teacher in charge of AEMO "he wanted to see her mother and not his father, and he was fed up being asked incessantly ; at home, if he wanted to see his father. " Ms. Carpentier
referrer ESA, is in favor of an extension of the investment profile with visits to both parents.

The prosecution, Celine BUCAU, mentions that Sxxxx is "stuck" in parental conflict by failing to specify that if the prosecutor of Bobigny had called Philip Beyer in 2002, Sxxxx would not have continued to suffer these alleged rapes for eight years.
The prosecution, Celine BUCAU, argues that the mother is unable to Sxxxx question.

(should it accept the various attempts to legalize pedophilia?)

The prosecution said he opposes the ESA (extremely rare!) And expressed support for the return of Sxxxx with his father.
The prosecution, Celine BUCAU, repeated several times in the direction of Karine Delvaux: "Madam it nothing happened!".
The prosecution, Celine BUCAU, added that the ranking will change the formula, namely:
"consideration of this matter did not adequately characterize the offense to allow liability ; criminal or challenged, "
to be replaced by the following formula:
"nothing has happened."
The prosecution, Celine BUCAU, demand, anyway, ....... AEMO .....« to help a father "(?????)

(it is worth noting that the prosecutor Christian GIRARD, Meaux, is "supported" by the SOS ¨ PAPAS.
The SOS PAPAS advises fathers to abduct children, to bring complaints systematically when a mother alert the competent authorities on the facts of abuse or rape of minors, so that the mother goes to prison and the children are placed.
The association claims the SAP (Parental Alienation Syndrome) defended by GARDNER which is to allow all adult sexual deviance and minor, and rule out those who oppose this "way of life .
mother who refuses this incestuous pedophilia is described as hysterical and would exercise in protecting her child, "alienation parental.
This thesis completely contrary to basic morality, is a hoax that seeks to protect child molesters. It has long been discredited around the world.)

Philippe BEYER was defended by Mr MEJEAN council in 2002 was at SOS PAPAS. Then, from 2007 to date by Marielle STAYSAIL lawyer with SOS DADS).

The Judge Aude Morel and the Public Ministry, Celine BUCAU explain it is not desirable Sxxxx comes into staying with her mother because, when there is a long time, "there are problems."

(Before the Public Ministry, Celine BUCAU, and J. Morel, Karine DELVAL would be guilty of having protected and that her child care since 2002. There was clear intention to exclude all evidence tending to show that Sxxxx has been violated since 2002).

The case is being deliberated on 10 December at 18h.

At 18:30, counsel for Miss Karine DELVAL called her to tell him the decision of Judge Aude Morel: "Sxxxx must return to her father and her mother will be publicized." The juvenile court of Meaux, Aude Morel, decides to return the child at the hands of the alleged rapist, and abandons any safeguard measure, pending the results of an investigation that would be routinely ordered by the prosecutor, and give a logical action of the Attorney TROYES.

By this decision,

amended by Article 121-3:

Act No. 2000-647 of 10 July 2000 - art. 1 Official Journal of 11 July 2000
There is no crime or offense without intent to commit it. However, when required by law, the offense in case of deliberately endangering the person of another. There is also an offense, when the law provides, in cases of gross carelessness, negligence or breach of duty of care or safety provided for by law or regulation, if it is established that the perpetrator has not completed the normal due diligence given, where appropriate, the nature of its tasks or duties, skills and the power and means at his disposal. In the case under the previous paragraph, natural persons who do not directly cause the damage, but who created or helped create the situation that led to the realization of the damage or who have not taken the steps to avoid it, are responsible criminal if it is established that they have either deliberately violated so clearly a special duty of care or safety provided for by law or regulation, or committed serious misconduct which exposed people to a risk of a particularly serious they could not ignore.

amended by Article 223-6:
2000-916 of 19 September 2000 - Art. 3 (V) Official Journal of 22 September 2000 into force on 1 January 2002

Anyone able to prevent by his immediate action, without risk to himself or others, a crime or a crime against the physical integrity of the person willfully fails to do so is punishable by five years imprisonment and a fine of € 75,000. Will be subject to the same penalties who willfully fails to bring a person in jeopardy assistance, without risk to himself or to others, he could lend him or by his personal action, either by causing a backup.

Marielle Trinquet

(the rhetoric !!!!!!!)

family lawyer and SOS PAPAS, the Paris Bar


Many cases of species in which a parent seeks judicial suspension of visiting rights and accommodation of the other parent and claiming to want to break any relationship between that parent and child.
These strategies other than a parent is devastating for the child who is deprived of a parent if the judge granted the request for suspension
The Supreme Court under a landmark decision dated March 14 March 2006 and noted that the right of access and accommodation can be suspended only for serious reasons taking the best interests of the child.
The parent-children must be protected as fundamental rights.
December 18, 2010 SOS
Papas and his friends (SOS Papas) recruits for Legionnaires remove her ex. !!!!!!!!!!
January 2009

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far can a divorced father who consider themselves unjustly deprived of his three children?
No limit Fabrice Devaux, 39, activist in the Bouches-du-Rhone of SOS Papa, movement defending the rights of fathers.